What is a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist?

A Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) is qualified to provide detailed nutritional advice and meal planning support to clients in support of their unique goals. All NRN’s hold a minimum of a Certificate IV in Nutrition, hold Allied Health Professional Indemnity / Public Liability insurance and are registered with Nutrition Council Australia.

NRN’s work with clients to improve their health and reduce the likelihood of preventable diseases – as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! NRN’s are not qualified to treat chronic illnesses or disorders and have a strict scope of practice so if a client is identified as ‘At Risk’ through pre-screening or has a chronic health condition, NRN’s will refer clients to a specialist practitioner i.e. a Dietitian or GP for investigation and / or treatment.

What is a Nutritional Advisor / Nutrition Counsellor?

A Nationally Recognised Nutritionist (NRN) may wish to call themselves a ‘Nutritionist’ or ‘Nutritional Advisor’. The services provided are the same.

A Nutrition Counsellor is an NRN who has undertaken elective study to be a Health and Wellness Coach as part of their Certificate IV in Nutrition qualification. They are able to use established counselling techniques to address a particular concern or difficulty which may be affecting your nutrition, health or wellness which falls within their scope of practice. This is a more in-depth form of support for clients experiencing particular difficulties in managing their health and wellness, and more specifically, nutrition related concerns. A Nutritional Counsellor will work together with a client to develop and implement solutions to overcome barriers to holistic health.

What can I expect at my Initial Consultation?

Your initial consultation is an in-depth review of your current health and wellness, and where we discuss your goals and what you can achieve through further consultations.

Firstly, you will need to complete a pre-screener and client questionnaire. Your Nutritional Advisor will then review your answers, seek any clarification needed, discuss your goals and current lifestyle and habits. Then, with your permission they will take a range of measurements which will be used not only as a starting point to measure progress, but to help determine your nutritional needs and develop a plan. These measurements include height, waist and hip circumference, and weighing on a Bioimpedance Scale which uses a small electrical current to measure body fat, muscle and water percentages (known as a Bioimpedance Analysis / BIA). We understand that these measurements may be confronting for some people so we ensure a judgement free atmosphere and are sensitive to these concerns. These measurements are taken purely for the purpose of providing the best support and advice, and to help you track progress and celebrate achievements.

These measurements are then analysed and appropriate nutritional intakes are discussed. Initial recommendations and advice will be provided by your Nutritional Advisor and we will decide together on the type of support you will need going forward – whether that be detailed meal plans, small tweaks to routines, supplement protocols or Nutritional Counselling. Based on this, we will organise follow up consultations as required.

What can I expect at my follow-up consultation?

Follow up consultations will vary from client to client, depending on individual goals, needs and preferences. For some clients, this may involve developing an in depth meal plan, whereas others may prefer more general guidance and support. Generally, your follow-up consultation will start with a summary of previous sessions, discussion of changes since your previous session, modification to plans or strategies if needed, and at some sessions, a repeat of the measurements taken during initial consultation to track progress.

The frequency and length of follow up consultations will depend on individual needs and preferences and will generally be determined at the initial consultation and modified as needed.

What is Nutritional Counselling?

Nutritional Counselling is the use of established counselling techniques to address a particular concern or difficulty which may be affecting your nutrition, health or wellness. This is a more in-depth form of support for clients experiencing particular difficulties in managing their health and wellness, and more specifically, nutrition related concerns. A Nutritional Counsellor will work together with a client to develop and implement solutions to overcome barriers to holistic health.

What is a Biometric Assessment?

Biometrics refers to body measurements and calculations. As part of your Initial Consultation, and some follow-up consultations, we take a range of measurements which not only act as a starting point to track progress, but help to determine your nutritional needs. Using a Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) scale, we measure total body weight, muscle mass percentage and fat mass. This works by passing a very small electric current through the body to measure resistance, as different bodily materials have different levels of resistance the scales can then calculate percentages. This is completely safe for most people, with the exception of those who have devices such as pace makers implanted.

In addition to weight, we also measure height, waist and hip circumference. Using these measurements we can then build a better picture of your current health and nutritional needs required to meet your goals. For those wishing to lose or gain weight, we can also calculate medically ideal body weight targets.

Do I have to undertake the Biometric Assessment as part of my consultation?

No. We will not take any measurements without your express consent. However not taking these measurements will limit the amount of assistance we can offer and make it difficult to measure progress. It may also impact the effectiveness of any recommendations made to you. You do not have to give us any reason if you do not wish to do this assessment, however we encourage you to discuss with your consultant if you have any concerns in regards to this process.

What is a Nutritional Needs Summary?

A Nutritional Needs summary is based on information provided in the Client Questionnaire and determined during the Biometric Assessment and is conducted along with this assessment. This summary sets out your recommended kilojoule intake per day, estimated protein requirements, estimated fluid requirements and suggested macronutrient breakdown (i.e. percentage and kilojoule amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats). Further recommendations may also be provided based on this summary.

Will I receive a customised meal plan at my appointment?

Detailed customised meal plans are an optional additional service offered for clients who feel they need this additional level of support. Creating a detailed customised meal plan takes much longer than a standard appointment time and so will be completed between follow-up consultations after in depth discussion of your nutritional needs and adjusted as necessary at the appointment in which it is provided.

Less structured meal planning guidance and suggestions are provided as standard during normal consultations for clients who need or prefer some flexibility. This might include suggested serving sizes, foods to include, timing and frequency of meals, as opposed to a rigid formal meal plan.

How many sessions will I need / how often should I see my consultant?

This differs from person to person depending on individual goals and concerns. One person may only need a couple of sessions to get back on track with a check in once or twice a year or when they feel they need some extra guidance, whereas another may need several months of weekly appointments and can then slowly reduce frequency to less frequent regular check-ins. Your consultant will work with you to create a suitable plan.

I’m not a professional athlete but I exercise regularly and want to know how to support my body better and maximise my results. Is it worth seeing a Nutritionist?

Absolutely! We can help you understand how your nutrition affects your exercise and how to tweak things to get the most out of your sessions and support your body to recover. We can help you work smarter AND harder!

I want to lose weight but don’t have time for exercise. Can a Nutritionist help?

Yes! The majority of weight loss is understanding and improving your nutrition. Whilst we do recommend you try to incorporate physical activity in your day to meet Australian Physical Activity Guidelines, and also for the fabulous health benefits, we understand that this is a struggle for some people and will support you with improving your health in all aspects of your life through better nutrition and healthy lifestyle strategies.

This all sounds great, but I’m a little embarrassed about my current health, weight or eating patterns…

We understand! It can be quite confronting or scary to start addressing health concerns, which is why our office is a judgement free zone. If a full initial consultation is a bit too overwhelming, you can book in a short intro session with our Nutritionist to ease in and decide if this service is right for you, via the Bookings tab. Rest assured that we have experience with people from a range of backgrounds. At Everything Me, we believe the most important thing is that everyone who wants to improve their health has access to help and support to do so and we aim to ensure all our clients feel welcomed, accepted, understood and supported.