Everything Me is a Nutrition, Health and Wellness coaching service focused on helping you on your journey to total health and wellness through better Nutrition. Everything Me was founded in 2021 by Health & Wellness Coach Naomi Harnett, a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist. Her qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise (GCSE) and a Certificate IV in Nutrition. After having two children and gaining new insight into the importance of self care as a mum, Naomi became fascinated with nutrition. She discovered how food could either treat and prevent, or be the cause of, a range of health issues and chronic illnesses. As a result she decided to pursue a career in the Health and Wellness industry to help others realise their better health goals.

Everything Me focuses on holistic health and how Nutrition and physical fitness impacts and is impacted by the other domains of health. We offer a highly individualised approach to health management. There are no fad diets, trends or gimmicks, just science based approaches and advice made as simple to understand and fit into your life as possible.

Everything Me is committed to being a welcoming, judgement free zone to discuss your health related concerns. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to improve their health without shame or embarrassment. Whether you need help with weight management, improving energy levels, fuelling your body right pre and post exercise, or just think you could use a little extra boost to your health, we would love to help you on the journey.