Starting is the Hardest Part

Hello! This is the first official Everything Me blog post. To start us off on this wonderful health & wellness journey, I thought I’d tell you a little about what you can expect from EM, my vision and plans for it.

As I write this post, I’ve recently completed a Graduate Certificate of Sport & Exercise (in fact I will receive my graduation certificate in a little under a week) and am currently studying a Certificate IV in Nutrition, to qualify as an Accredited Practising Nutritional Advisor (aka Nutritionist) with a Health & Wellness coaching focus. As part of the first qualification, I studied advanced exercise physiology, advanced exercise programming and nutrition for exercise. In short, this means I have a high level understanding of the processes that occur in the body when you exercise, the fuel your body needs to sustain that exercise, and how to design and deliver exercise programs. But exercise and physical fitness is only one part of the overall health picture, or one component of holistic health – something I will be talking about a lot on EM, keep an eye out for my post on what that means and involves (it may not be what you think!) Which is one reason I found myself drawn to further study in the field of nutrition.

But how does this link back to EM? Well, I have noticed that so many people, particularly parents of younger kids, are struggling to manage their health and wellness. So many of our health issues can be prevented with a healthier lifestyle, but it’s hard right! The time of our life that is crucial to prevention is often spent caring for someone other than ourselves. We all know we shouldn’t be stuffing our faces with things like donuts and pizza daily, but often it’s just the quick easy option, and sometimes feels like the only treat we get. My aim is to share what I’ve learned with you to help you find the easy ways to wellness. That could be in the form of science based advice backed by solid evidence, recipes, sharing parts of my journey, and when I finish my qualification, one on one tailored assistance and general health programs.

I already have a range of interesting topics lined up to discuss with you, from why I won’t do high intensity exercise (and you shouldn’t either) to some quick easy switches to improve your nutrition, to some tasty favourite recipes with options for everyone – ranging on the health scale from every day options to once a week treats.

Much like writing this post, making the first step of your health journey is the hardest one, but guess what – if you’re here reading this, we’ve just made it together! So, thanks for being with me and let’s keep walking <3

See you again soon!

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